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        股票代碼: SZ 002922

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        Enclosed Switching Power Supply (ESE-E Series)

        ·No load power consumption <0.5W for 100W/150W
        ·Voltage ADJ. Range ±15%
        ·Ultra compact and 1U low profile
        ·Withstand 5G vibration test
        ·3 years warranty

        ·Compliance to UL60950-1/TUV EN60950-1/CCC GB4943
        ·Protections: short circuit/over load/over voltage/over temperature
        ·Cooling by free air convection(250/350W have high reliability and long life fan)
        ·Wide operating temperature between -30℃…+70℃
        ·High efficiency, long life and high reliability
        ·100W/150W approved CCC

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